Whee Write

Writing Issues Narrated by The Office

–Brittany G.

Each student brings us new ideas, specific questions, and, of course, their own personal writing issues.  While each student is an individual, there are a lot of issues that we see regularly. 

The sentence that lost its way. It always starts with a thought, but sometimes it just…

The rambling thought (can also be known as “I was 50 words short on my word count”)

The slang/text language

The fear of starting (also known as “the fear of errors”)

The well-written paper that doesn’t meet the assignment guidelines

The “my professor made me come here” student

Tutoring can seem exhausting, overwhelming, and unrewarding at times.  It can feel like we are repeating ourselves ten times a day, but for the students we see it is equally exhausting and overwhelming; however, it is our job to make sure they don’t feel like it is unrewarding.  So, when a “Michael Scott” student sits across from you at that little WaLC table, make sure he/she leaves feeling better than when he/she arrived.  And also keep your head up.  You may never know how much help and support you are truly giving our WaLC students, but you are making a difference!

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