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End of Semester Student Survival Tips (E.S.S.S.T.)

–Andrew P.

The end of the semester is quickly approaching!

But, you couldn’t really tell by all of the assignments you have left over.

You’re tired, overwhelmed, and still not sure about your abilities as a writer.

What were the last three months about? (Stress mostly).

Here’s a cheat sheet for surviving the rest of the semester and not fall victim to all of the assignments due at once:

  • Coffee is your friend. Invest in it, cherish it, don’t be afraid to get fancy with it.
  • Use your resources! Go to the WaLC, Purdue Owl, friends/classmates to workshop with, writing apps like Grammarly to help with proofreading at 2am.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your instructor about the assignment.
  • Find your groove. Music, quiet corners in the library, scheduled work time, group time or solo time. Your groove can affect your writing process and the result of it.
  • Minimize outside distractions. Take a break from the news, social events, social media, tv shows, or even your friends who have more free time than you do.
  • Make time for all elements of your writing process. This goes for outlining, research, drafting, free-writing, proofreading, and revision. We’re not perfect writers, they do not exist. It’s fine that you do not produce perfect writing the first time you sit down to begin the assignment.
  • Break when necessary. Take 10 minutes to stretch, check your text messages, watch a cat video, or listen to a song that gets you pumped.

And with that last tip, here is a song that will get your HYPEEEEEEEE!

Enjoy! ^_^

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