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Do you have questions about the writing tutoring process? We have answers! Below is a list of frequently asked questions, but also feel free to visit the WaLC’s website to find even more valuable resources!

Writing Tutoring FAQs

Q. Does my paper have to be finished before I come in?

A. No, you can visit us during any stage of the writing process.  Sometimes it’s even more helpful to come before you begin. For any visit, always bring your assignment instructions. Tutors can assist you with brainstorming for ideas, organizing thoughts, and formulating a thesis. These appointments are collaborative in nature and often get writers off to an enthusiastic and productive start.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?

A. We prefer that you schedule a time to come in so your tutor will be more prepared and able to help you. However, if you need help at any time, drop by.  We will make every effort to assist you, and we may be able to give you a walk-in appointment.

Q. What if I can’t keep an appointment?

A. If something comes up, call us at 227-2274 to reschedule or cancel so we can offer your appointment time to another student.

Q. May I drop my paper  off and pick it up later?

A. No, students must be present to work with a tutor. We do not provide copy-editing services; our sessions are interactive and collaborative.

Q. How much of my paper will a tutor write?

A. Writing tutors listen to YOU and make suggestions about how to resolve any issues in your paper.  We will not write content for you, nor will we try to change your ideas or opinions.  Tutors respect that your work is your own, and we will encourage you to take both a sense of pride and responsibility for it. It’s up to you, the student, to interpret a tutor’s suggestions and to revise your paper based on your new understanding. During your session, ask questions and make notes for yourself for later. Try to engage in a conversation with us; the more we know what you’re thinking, the more helpful we can be.

Q. Will I have my ideas criticized or my paper edited to shreds?

A. No, tutors strive to be positive and help you improve as a writer.  We want you to enjoy both the writing process and your time here. Your tutor will make sure your ideas and questions come first.

Q. Will revising my paper based on a tutor’s suggestions guarantee me an A?

A. We focus on helping you improve your communication skills. Tutors cannot grade your paper, and we will not recommend grades to faculty. You may also notice that your tutor will not tell you what grade he/she thinks you deserve. We leave that decision up to your instructor. If you are concerned about your grade on a paper, ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR what his/her expectations are regarding audience, evidence/research, tone, and content.  This information will help you as you prepare your draft, and it will also help us advise you during your tutoring session.

Q. What if my experience isn’t positive?

A. Just as students have different personalities and working styles, so do tutors. We value our diversity as a staff and recognize that not all students will connect well with every tutor. If your experience is neither pleasant nor helpful, please contact the WaLC at 227-2274 and we will try to connect you with a more compatible tutor for your next visit.

Q. I would like to be a writing tutor.  What positions are offered?

A. All our writing tutors are students at WCU. Visit our employment page for our job descriptions and qualifications.