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Tips for Revision?

Good Morning!

Research Paper time is upon us! With research papers, many of us are scrambling to get the right words written in the right order. Often, our hectic schedules and class load do not allow for a lot of revision. However, revision is not something to be ignored! Texts are in constant states of revision, and it may do your paper some good to give it that once (or tenth?) over. So, be sure to keep up good revision practices.

In our writing tutor meetings we’ve been discussing revision practices and tips we could give students about revision. Since we did not get to share all our wonderful revision methods in our meeting, what are some of the tips you tutors (or students) like to use when you’re revising? Any zany but effective ways to revise? What’s the atmosphere you like to have when revising? How do you go about your revision process?

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