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Poverty’s Impact on Education in America

Kayla R.

I wanted to choose a recent article that focused on education in America, because I feel that it is something that most of us can relate to, as students and tutors. I chose this specific article because it focused on a topic that has been a very prominent issue within our education system: socio-economically disadvantaged communities. Although we’ve heard many debates over this topic within schools, the writer of this article brings up a major issue that many overlook. Dr. Parsons focuses on the fact that most of the heads of these education departments make executive decisions to “better” these impoverished communities; however, they don’t really know how to make improvements, because they are still viewing these issues from a privileged point of view. There is a saying that states “do not mock a pain you haven’t endured.” I think this is important, because most of these department heads are speaking on behalf of these communities without fully understanding or experiencing the hardships that many of these affected families face.



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