Whee Write

The Writing Process as Told by Parks and Rec

By Randi A.


When you have three assignments due on the same day


When you skip pre-writing and are staring at a blank screen


When you start free writing


When your friends want to hang out but you have a paper to write


When there’s a word count


When you decide to take a snack break


When you’re running out of things to write and you’re nowhere near the required word count


When desperate times call for desperate measures and you decide to do literally (*Chris Traeger voice*) anything to put off writing—even exercise


When you have an existential crisis and decide changing your major or quitting school would be better than writing the paper


When the going gets tough, just remember:

1) we’re all Andy at some point,

2) at least you’re not Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry Gergich, and



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